What Does It Mean To Be a Potato?

Image by Couleur from Pixabay

When did being a potato become a negative thing?

The world sees potatoes as plain, dirty, brown, and ugly. They call people potatoes when they’re round, lazy, and sometimes unintelligent. 

Maybe you see yourself like that too. Is that why you call yourself a potato? Because you see yourself as lumpy, plain, and full of blemishes? You think that you’re dirty, and depressed?

Listen up! Being a potato doesn’t have to be a negative term. Being a potato can mean so much more than what you think of when you see potatoes (both real and metaphorical)! But to see it, you have to dig down into the very ground that potatoes come from. 

I can hear your thoughts already, dear potato. If being a potato isn’t a way of demeaning yourself, then what is it?

Being a potato means being extraordinarily unique. No potato is like another! Every lump, every bump, every little potato dimple makes you special and unique, set apart from everyone else.

Being a potato means being beautiful from the inside out. Ever open a potato and marvel at how pearly white the starchy insides are? The little grains inside sparkle like tiny crystals, diamonds in the rough.

Being a potato means being round, sometimes squishy, but undeniably adorable. Let’s be honest. Potatoes are some of the cutest things on earth.

Being a potato is so much more than just the dirty brown appearance on the outside. Sometimes it takes looking past the surface, deep down, even deeper than the ground that potatoes come out of. You have to realize that potato beauty comes from the inside out.

Inside every potato is life. Life that every potato should be proud of. Don’t call yourself a potato to make fun of yourself, but rather to embrace the fact that you are so unique, you’re a potato!

Because potatoes are beautiful too.

Much love to my taters,

Kyra H.

11 thoughts on “What Does It Mean To Be a Potato?

  1. Beautifully written, Kyra!
    I love how you’re showing such great truths with something we think of as plain.
    I am a potato!!! Beautiful, unique, and full of life!

    Liked by 1 person

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